Diwali is one of the truly Pan-Indian festivals. A cosmic fusion of light, infused with vibrant color.  It is a colorful spectacle from a photographers viewpoint. Capturing images of my kids and my wife indoors this year at our a local Diwali event under tungsten lighting proved to be challenging. Low Light event photography with moving subjects is a challenge for most pro-level cameras.

Nikon is the king of high-iso cameras. (Canon fans can flame me). The D3S and the newer D4 are legendary low-light cameras. There is simply no equal to these cameras and they are the preferred choice of cameras for event and sports photographers. The Nikon D700 is a poor mans D3S (having the 12MP D3 sensor).  You also need a fast portrait lens and I had the Nikon  85mm 1.4D with me .  This combination was great but I still lost 50% of my shots due to my reluctance to dial up the ISO. I kept the ISO at 1600 and kept shooting. I still had several keepers at ISO 1600 with virtually very little noise. The now 4 year old sensor still makes pretty images.  I think the D700 is one of those niche segment cameras that Nikon has stopped making. A pity, really.