This is second in a series of posts dedicated to the Sony A7R system.  Previous one is here.

I had the opportunity to use the A7R in a real-world low-light situation. I shot a few images using the EVF, manual focus with the Leica Summicron 50 in a dim indoor setting. The results were mixed. I would not use the camera above ISO 3200 and certainly not at ISO 6400. It looks like the Nikon DF would be more suitable for low-light photography. Check this out for some images of the DF low-light performance.

One trick I have been using to get sharp images (per my abilities to hand-hold), is to use shutter priority due to the inability to set minimum shutter speed in the camera in AUTO-ISO . Its a real pain. Frustrating and something that Sony engineers can easily fix in firmware.


Following images shot with the Summicron 50 and the A7R, Noise reduction applied during PP


1/125s, ISO 250, F2.0


1/125s, ISO 2500, F2.0


1/125s, ISO 6400, F2.0


1/125s, ISO 6400, F2.0 (practically shot in the dark, very high levels of noise)